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The Group

Established in 1995, the Alexander Marks Group is a global reaching firm, headquartered in Canada.                         

Our simple premise is to offer unparalleled corporate services to our clients and partners, through our diverse intellectual capital, the compilation of fundamental market requisites, and effective solutions. This has sculpted our corporate vision, and position in the global market place.


With this corporate consciousness, we are able to leverage our core expertise, which has resulted in key strategic alliance partnerships, and select diverse holdings. This strategy continues to expand the global footprint of 'the Group', with a primary focus on such sectors as business and financial services, and emerging markets.    


Emerging Markets Partners 

Through critical analysis, the Alexander Marks Group has identified specific target demographics which require our services, and due to our extensive interaction, knowledge and understanding, we implemented a structure to facilitate the ongoing requirements of those demographics.                                                                         

Subsequently, our emphasis on Emerging Markets, through our diverse global corporate holdings (see 'Holdings'), led us to become an officially appointed representative of an emerging Sovereign Nation, in South America.


Legal Group

Kaiser Mckenzie Law Group (KMLG), our now amalgamated affiliate Legal Group has been a pioneer in the areas of commercial and retail debt recovery law.

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Executive Chairman & Advisory Team
Mark Proctor Sr.Chairman & CEO | T: 1-833-954-7687   x 751                                                        

Noted as a pioneer, primarily responsible for revolutionizing the art of Debt Asset Recovery Law in Canada, Mark Proctor was appointed as the first Canadian Representative for the National Attorney Network (NAN) of the United States of America, by its Founder, the former Special Assistant Attorney General of the State of Georgia (USA), Richard De Mayo.

Mark was the Founder and Managing Partner of the Kaiser Mckenzie Law Group; and the former Associate Director, Commercial Services of the law firm, Cancilla & Associates, where he was responsible for Cancilla & Associates becoming the first Canadian member law firm of NAN.

Under his tenure, he negotiated the largest single placement (j.u one hundred million dollars) in the history of Debt Recovery Law with GE Capital and NAN, in 1999.

Mark was also one of the Founding Directors of Kostman, Silver, Lerner, a specialist law firm in mediation and debt recovery law.

 KSL was the first such specialist law firm in Canada to represent MBNA when it entered the Canadian market; MBNA was the world's largest independent credit card issuer at that time.

Mark is a graduate of Stanford University-Politics (Democratic Development), and the University of London-Law (Structures and Principles) programs.

Advisor, Emerging  Markets - Africa
Bishop Dr. Marshall Uba

Apostle Dr. Marshall N. Uba is the Presiding Prelate of International Kingdom Soul Network and the General Overseer of Mediator’s Covenant International Churches, one of the fastest growing churches with its base in West Africa and branches globally. He is also the Executive Director of Anointed Community Services International, Africa.


Apostle Dr. Uba has authored several books which includes, Poor Made Rich, Supernatural Secret, Kingdom Warfare, Pathway to Greatness, Laws of Transformation, Understanding How and When God Speaks, Hidden Realities, 1000 Spiritual Weapons of Warfare to Pursue, Overtake and Recover All.

Apostle Dr. Marshall Uba is called into the apostolic ministry. He is a consecrated bishop. Apostle Uba is one among a million who has ardent passion for soul-winning and world evangelization. He has held many leadership positions both at the national and global levels.

He is a dutifully married father of five.

Advisor, Global Affairs and Governments
Dr. Alvin Curling


Dr. Alvin Curling is a Jamaican-born Canadian politician. He was Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Canada) until he resigned on August 19, 2005 to accept his diplomatic appointment, as Canada's envoy to the Dominican Republic from 2005-2006. He had been a Liberal MPP for twenty years, from 1985 to 2005.

He was elected to the Ontario legislature in the provincial election of 1985 as a Liberal in the suburban Toronto riding of Scarborough North.

Dr. Curling was appointed Minister of Housing on June 26, 1985. He was the first Black Canadian to hold a cabinet-level position in Ontario. During his time as Minister of Housing, he expanded the parameters of Ontario's rent control program, and announced a $500 million initiative for new urban housing.

Dr. Curling was easily re-elected in the provincial election of 1987, and was appointed Minister of Skills Development on September 29, 1987. He served in this capacity until August 2, 1989.

From 1996 to 1999, he served as Deputy House Leader for the Liberals.

On the Liberals return to power following the provincial election of 2003, Dr. Curling was elected Speaker of the Legislature on November 19, 2003.

Dr. Curling also held the position as Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo, Ontario, from June 2007 until May 2010. He also served as Co-Chair of the Premier's Task Force on the Review of the Roots of Youth Violence.

In the mid-2000s, Dr. Curling was honoured by the Government of Jamaica with a Rank of Distinction. He holds the title of Commander. In 2014, he was made a Member of the Order of Ontario for having ‘played an important role in shaping government policy addressing youth violence’.

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