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We specialize in acquiring funding for companies seeking asset based financing, factoring, operating funds, debt or private equity from $500,000. to $500 million (or more), through multiple capital mechanisms: 


Bank Loans:  we help clients better manage their finances with a wide variety of bank loan products to finance investments and other client activities. 


Debt Financing:  we provide clients with secured asset-based debt financing. 


Specialty Lending:  we arrange customized solutions to enable our clients to deal with their ongoing business operations.




It is our focus to foster synergies between business entities by assisting them to pursue a set of agreed upon goals or meeting critical business needs while remaining independent organizations.  


Our key aim is for a synergy where each partner's benefit from the alliance is greater than those from individual efforts.   


We specialize in four types of strategic alliances: joint venture, equity strategic alliance, non-equity strategic alliance, and global strategic alliances.


Our focus is to accelerate new corporate growth and sustain companies through the linear challenge of early corporate development.


We identify key areas of focus with our select start-up and early stage corporate clients, through a concise business plan, with informative financial projections, sales metric analysis and other important functions, and we enable them to establish the following: 

*Realize that customers are not the same as users 


*Recognize that first users are not the same as scaling users


*Anticipate that first products are not the same as scaling products.


We assist clients in the planning and execution of a wide range of strategies to meet specific organizational objectives. 


These activities may include initiatives such as:

*Recruitment of a new management team

*Plans for phasing in or out of target markets or products

*Establishing relationships with strategic business partners

*Identifying and acquiring companies

*Securing financing 

*Divesting of assets or divisions, or increasing intellectual property assets.


We assist clients in reorganizing the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable, or better organized for its present needs.


Alternate reasons for restructuring include a change of ownership or ownership structure, demerger, or a response to a crisis or major change in the business such as bankruptcy, repositioning, or buyout.   


Restructuring can be three fold: corporate restructuring, debt restructuring and financial restructuring.

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